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Jobe SUP'ersized Inflatable Paddle Board 15.0 Blue One Size
Bigger is better and we took that seriously! The Aero SUP Board 15.0 is our biggest SUP yet! With an incredible 4.5m length and 1.2m width, you and your friends and your friends' friends will have a lot of fun on the water. The SUP may be big, but the Aero is also easy to transport thanks to the lightweight X-stitching construction and the ability to easily inflate/deflate it for added portability. The package includes everything you need for the water!Jobe SUP'ersized 15.0 Inflatable SUP Board
RRP 1.699,99 EUR
Only 1.449,00 EUR
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Mystic Kite Safety Leash Long Black
This is the newest generation of kite leash! An eye-catching design with an improved carabiner with swivel.
RRP 49,99 EUR
Only 34,49 EUR
Jobe Aero Venta SUP Sail 3,5m2 One Size
-16,99 €
RRP 499,99 EUR
Only 483,00 EUR
Mystic Surf Ring Black One size
RRP 7,99 EUR
Only 5,55 EUR
Jobe Exceed/Savage Wakeskatee Fin One Size
RRP 17,99 EUR
Only 4,45 EUR
Jobe Slalom Buoy Yellow One Size
Our yellow slalom buoys mark the slalom track. But you can also use them to mark something else. Just as you like!
RRP 14,99 EUR
Only 11,19 EUR
Jobe Front Toe Trainer One Size
A binding front part for your Combo ski. Fits on the Buzz trainers and Hemi trainers.
RRP 17,99 EUR
Only 13,45 EUR
Jobe Plastic Clip for SUP Paddle One Size
RRP 4,99 EUR
Only 4,69 EUR
North KB Coastal Beanie set of 5 Beanie Caviar OneSize
Knitted hat with COOLMAX® mesh lining to keep you warm and dry.
RRP 29,99 EUR
Only 20,49 EUR
Jobe Squeeze Heel Trainer One Size
An adjustable binding heel to adjust the size of the ski binding. Size Trainer.
RRP 23,99 EUR
Only 20,49 EUR
North KB Hyperflow Inflation Valve Cover set of 10 Black Sand OneSize
32 x 200 mm / UV-resistant, Die-cut vinyl sticker x 25
RRP 50,00 EUR
Only 49,99 EUR
Tekknosport Fin Lars Petersen Champ 200 US Box
RRP 99,95 EUR
Only 59,95 EUR
Jobe EVO Adapter Screw Set One Size
RRP 12,49 EUR
Only 10,45 EUR
Mystic Kite Footstrapset Asymmetrical Black One size
RRP 44,99 EUR
Only 32,49 EUR
Jobe Slalom Toe Teens One Size
Mono strap to secure your foot when you switch from combi to slalom ski. Fits the Hemi sneakers 46 "and Allegre 59"
RRP 17,99 EUR
Only 13,45 EUR
North KB Standard Freeride Loop with Finger Black 23cm
Our Toolless Harness Loops come in four sizes for different disciplines, and the Standard Freeride Loop (included with the control system) is suitable for all-terrain, freeride and freestyle riding. Switch effortlessly between disciplines with our patented modular harness loop replacement system - no tools required. For secondary security, a flexible LockGuard safety ring with pull tab secures the loop connection and prevents accidental loosening of your InterLoop. Made of optimized TPU material for flexibility and durability.
RRP 34,00 EUR
Only 29,99 EUR
Jobe SUP Bungee Cord Blue Green One Size
RRP 14,99 EUR
Only 13,59 EUR
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North KB Control Bar with Guide Multicolor
Greater durability increased tactile control and comfort. Adjust the size of the bar to fine tune the turning speed of your kite. The Option of a bar length of 38-43cm, 45-50cm or 50-55cm fits our full range of kites and provides the leverage you want. Cassettes at either end of the bar allow you to increase or decrease the bar length by 5cm - simply pull them out, rotate 180 degrees and snap them back into place. Soft bar ends ensure nothing hard comes into contact with you or your board and include rear line adjustment. An integrated bungee with retractable line winder prevents lines from tangling when wrapping. The bungee retracts when not in use.
119,00 EUR
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