Simba Surf helmets

Simba Surf helmets

Discover the superior protection of Simba surf helmets. When it comes to surfing and other water sports, safety and comfort are key. That's why we're proud to offer Simba Surf Helmets, a renowned brand that perfectly combines safety, functionality and style. These helmets aren't just protective gear - they've been carefully designed based on first-hand experience and tailored to meet the unique needs of surfers and water sports enthusiasts worldwide. Read more

Simba Surf Helmets' origins date back to the mid-90s in Santa Cruz, California, where the brand's founder, Terry Simms, first experienced the transformative power of a surf helmet during his battle with Surfer's Ear. The protective properties and warmth the helmet provided not only allowed him to continue surfing daily, but inspired him to provide the same benefits to other surfers.

That inspiration became reality in 2016, when Simms set out to design and manufacture a helmet that combines historic ruggedness with modern comfort and style. Taking cues from ancient Assyrian and Mycenaean Greek designs, Simms and his team set out to perfect the ultimate surf helmet. After rigorous testing and refinement under difficult conditions, the result was the phenomenal SIMBA Sentinel 1 helmet.

The result of a relentless pursuit of safety, the SIMBA Sentinel 1 helmet offers maximum security, comfort and a touch of historic elegance. Whether you're conquering the powerful waves of Nihiwatu or kitesurfing on a windy day, the SIMBA Sentinel 1 surf helmet is your trusted companion and promises a seamless watersports experience.

Simba is more than just a helmet brand - it's a testament to the spirit of surfing, a shared dream, and a commitment to the safety of surfers worldwide. When you choose a Simba surf helmet, you're not just choosing protective gear - you're becoming part of a legacy.

Enjoy the thrill of water sports with Simba surf helmets. Explore our range of products, including the SIMBA Sentinel 1 surf helmet, and let us help you stay safe, warm and confident on your next adventure.

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