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Our range includes bodyboards in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs to suit the individual needs and preferences of each rider. We offer a wide range of brands known for their quality, durability and performance, including renowned manufacturers in the bodyboarding industry.

Our bodyboards are made of high-quality materials and feature innovative designs that maximize buoyancy, maneuverability and control. With special deck surfaces and slick bottoms, they offer optimal traction and speed on the waves. We take great care to offer only bodyboards that meet the highest quality standards so you can enjoy the best surfing experience possible.

Our team consists of enthusiastic bodyboarders who have extensive knowledge and experience. We will be happy to provide you with our expertise and advice to help you choose the right board that perfectly suits your needs and riding style. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide you with a first-class shopping experience.

In addition to our high-quality bodyboards, we also offer a selection of accessories, including leashes, fins, board bags, and wax. With these, you'll be well equipped to enjoy your bodyboarding adventures and get the most out of your surf sessions.

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Sniper Bodyboard Leash Plug Flying line attachment
Bodyboard leash plug - attachment for leash on the bodyboard
9,95 EUR
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FLOOD Bodyboard Streak 41 Lime Orange Maori
FLOOD Bodyboard Maori 41 Boogieboard surfboard beachboard waveboard
59,95 EUR
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FLOOD Bodyboard Streak 42 Yellow Orange Maori
FLOOD Bodyboard Maori 42 Boogieboard surfboard beachboard waveboard
59,95 EUR
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FLOOD Bodyboard Dynamx Stringer 41 Yellow Tribal
FLOOD Bodyboard Dynamx Stringer 41 Boogieboard surfboard beachboard waveboard
59,95 EUR
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FAQs about bodyboards

What is a bodyboard?

A bodyboard is a short surfboard designed specifically for belly surfing. It consists of a core material (usually foam) surrounded by a smooth, waterproof outer shell. A bodyboard is usually ridden with the arms and feet resting on the board while the surfer navigates the waves using fins.

Who are bodyboards suitable for?

Bodyboards are suitable for surfers of all ages and experience levels. They are often chosen by beginners because they are easy to learn and require less paddling power than traditional surfboards. However, experienced surfers also use bodyboards to experience spectacular wave rides and try new tricks. Bodyboarding offers a unique and exciting way of surfing that is appreciated by many surfers.

What types of waves are best for bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding can be practiced in a variety of wave conditions. In general, smaller to medium waves are best for bodyboarding. Waves with a moderate steepness and a clean, consistent shape allow bodyboarders to stay well on the water and get the most out of their rides. It's important to consider your own skills and surfing level and choose the appropriate wave conditions accordingly.

What size should my bodyboard be?

The right size bodyboard depends on several factors, including body weight, height, and surfing level. In general, a bodyboard should be between the height of the surfer's navel and chin when held in front of the body. It is important that the board is not too large, as this can affect maneuverability, nor too small, as this can cause instability. It is recommended to consult a professional to determine the right size of the bodyboard.

What materials are used in bodyboards?

Bodyboards typically consist of a foam core surrounded by a smooth, waterproof outer shell made of polyethylene or similar material. The core can be made of different foams such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), with each material offering different properties. Choosing the right core material depends on personal preference and surfing conditions. The outer shell is usually made of a durable and waterproof plastic that protects the core and provides a smooth gliding surface in the water.

Do I need fins for bodyboarding?

Yes, fins are very important in bodyboarding. They help build speed, change direction and stay in the waves. Fins are available in different sizes and styles. It is important to choose fins that fit well and are comfortable to ensure optimal comfort and performance in the water. When purchasing bodyboard fins, it is advisable to consult a retailer to find the right size and style of fins for your needs.

What additional equipment is needed for bodyboarding?

In addition to the bodyboard and fins, there are some additional pieces of equipment that can be useful when bodyboarding. These include a leash (a connecting cord that connects the board to the surfer's wrist to prevent losing the board in the water), a rash guard or wetsuit (to protect the skin from the sun and friction), and possibly a flipper bag to conveniently carry the equipment. The choice of additional equipment depends on individual preferences and surf conditions.

Where can I buy a bodyboard?

You can buy high quality bodyboards from us. We offer a selection of bodyboards of different brands, sizes and designs. You can either visit our website or stop by our store to see the available options. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose the right bodyboard for your needs and advise you on all your bodyboarding needs.

What kind of waves are best for bodyboarding?

Bodyboards are versatile and can be used in different types of waves. However, they are particularly well suited for smaller to medium waves. These waves provide enough thrust and energy to surf and perform maneuvers on. Bodyboarding is also popular on shore breaks, where the waves break close to the shore. It is important to consider your own skills and experience and choose the right waves for bodyboarding.

How can I improve my bodyboarding skills?

To improve your bodyboarding skills, regular practice and surfing is crucial. Spend as much time as possible in the water practicing wave reading, timing and different maneuvers. It can also be helpful to surf with experienced bodyboarders and learn from them. Additionally, you can watch videos and tutorials to learn new techniques and expand your understanding of bodyboarding. Be patient and give yourself time to improve - bodyboarding requires practice and dedication.